22 January 2010

The Mask and the Truth

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

21 January 2010

Decent Cover and Architecture

"The body is not to be exposed. It is not a question of wearing clothing which represents the structure it covers, but of wearing minimal clothing, a decent cover. The surfaces which clothe architecture must remain a discrete mask." (The Architecture of Fashion p.234-235)

20 January 2010

Architecture and Pattern

"architecture that 'encourages ornamental surface over articulated form, pattern over texture, and sometimes pattern over all..." (The Architecture of Fashion p. 349)

19 January 2010

Fashion and Discipline

"the disciplining of fashion is, in the end, an attempt to discipline sexuality." (The Architecture of Fashion p.198)

18 January 2010

Decoration as Elementary

"It is the urge to decorate that is one of the most elementary of human drives, more elementary in fact than the need to protect the body." (The Architecture of Fashion p. 178)

17 January 2010

Superficial Attraction

"The threat of fashion, which is to say the feminine threat of 'superficial attraction' is permanent, as must be the masculine resistance to it." (The Architecture of Fashion, p.197)

16 January 2010

Simplicity of Male Attire

"Male attire is supposedly detached from the many dangers of sensuality that are carried by the ornament that defines women's fashion." (The Architecture of Fashion p.208)