07 January 2010

Poem- Resistance

Women from all cultures feel the pressure to be a "modest" bride on their wedding day. Here is a poem written by Kathryn Church about a bride in the West choosing what to wear on her wedding day and the ultimate representation of her dress:


Imagine a bride
who has seen some
Hard Times:
too many cigarettes
too much booze
too many men who don't give
a damn.

The one she is with now isn't much good.
"Why should I marry you?"
she asks.
"Because no one else will have you,"
he replies.
She's so far down that
she believes him.

The wedding dress that she creates is
with imagination.

White is for virgins and I am not"
she declares.
And so the garmet is ivory
its lines playful to the point of

It is a clever move using the
Strength and Comfort
of her sexuality to counter the
of her depression and self-loathing.

This dress is not a dress.
It is a mask.

-Kathryn Church